Report a Data Observation

In order to improve the quality of Aboriginal Lands product, an Observation reporting process has been implemented. An Observation on data or metadata that do not meet the product's standards and specifications will be treated as a Data Discrepancy. Any additional comments are also welcome.

Please complete the Step by Step questionnaire provide below, to describe the Observation you wish to report. The information will be generated in the form of a report which will be included in the e-mail submitted to the Data Provider Agency.

The Data Provider agency involved in the production of the Aboriginal Lands product wish to thank you in advance for your contribution in improvement of Aboriginal Lands product.

Feedback and Responses Disclaimer

Any comment or material sent to the Data Provider, including but not limited to, feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions and any other response shall be deemed to be non-confidential and free of any intellectual property restrictions. The Data Provider shall have no obligation of any kind to respond to the sender, and the Data Provider shall be free to use, modify, enhance, reproduce, redistribute and publicly display on any medium, in whole or in part, the Observation reports for any purpose whatsoever and without restrictions.

There are 4 steps to the process of identifying a Discrepancy Observation

  1. Identify yourself
  2. Identify the Observation type
  3. Describe your Observation
  4. Provide the location of your Observation
Identify yourself

Identify the Observation type

Describe your Observation

Provide the location of your Observation
Identify the NID (National Identifiers) values located near the involved features:
If known, provide the geographic coordinates of the location of your Observation

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