GeoBase data are separated into 10 themes

GeoBase - Building on common ground
Administrative Boundaries
Geopolitical Boundaries with international, inter-provincial and territorial boundaries and the limits of Aboriginal Lands including Indian Reserves, Land Claim settlement and other Indian Lands.
Canadian Geodetic Network
Horizontal and vertical geodetic control information on the thousands of control points distributed across Canada.
Canadian Geographical Names
A subset of the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base.
Elevation Data
Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) at resolutions equivalent to 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scales
Land Cover
Canadian Land Cover vector data.
National Hydro Network (NHN)
A quality geometric description and a set of basic attributes describing Canada's inland surface waters.
National Power Line Network
Includes: High voltage transmission lines, Medium and large power generation sources (on and off grid), Production lines and Substations.
National Railway Network
The NRWN data provide a consistent geometric description and a set of basic attributes of rail over the entire Canadian landmass.
National Road Network (NRN)
Continuous accurate centreline data for all non-restricted use roads in Canada.
Satellite Imagery
Set of satellite imagery covering the Canadian landmass using data from few sensors.

GeoBase data are governed by the Open Government Licence – Canada.