Satellite Imagery

Orthorectified Imagery

GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010
Complete set of medium resolution orthoimagery based on SPOT 4 / 5 covering all of Canada south of the 81st parallel. The first SPOT images of this dataset were collected in 2005 and the imagery collection is scheduled to be complete in 2010.
Landsat 7 Orthorectified Imagery over Canada (1999-2003)
Complete set of cloud-free (less than 10%) orthoimages covering the Canadian landmass using data from the Landsat 7 satellite. Landsat 7 images used to produced this data set were captured between 1999 and 2003
RADARSAT-1 Orthorectified Imagery (2001-2002)
Above the 82 degree of latitude, 5 RADARSAT-1 orthoimages were used to complete the coverage of Landsat 7 imagery over Canada.

Raw Imagery

GeoBase Raw Imagery 2005-2010
Images of Raw Imagery GeoBase 2005-2010 product are raster digital data coming from SPOT4 and SPOT5 satellites that contain a panchromatic band with 10 meter pixels and a multispectral band with 20 meter pixels.
Landsat 7 Level 1-G Imagery over Canada
Data is available on the GeoGratis portal.

Auxiliary Products

Control Points for Landsat 7 Imagery
Control Points used for the geometric correction of Landsat 7 satellite imagery.
Correspondence table between orthorectified SPOT 4 / 5 images and raw images
Interpretation guide of natural geographic features from ETM+ Landsat imagery and aerial photography
Natural Resources Canada offers an interpretative guide for 8 natural geographical entities observable from Landsat7 ETM+ imagery and aerial photography.