GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010


GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010 is made from SPOT 4/5 earth observation data covering Canada's landmass south of the 81st parallel during the period 2005-2010. Each GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010 covers an area of approximately 3 600 km2, or 60 km x 60 km of the Earth's surface.

Orthoimages have a resolution of 10 metres for the panchromatic band and 20 metres for the multispectral bands. The panchromatic and multispectral bands are aligned. If the resolution of the source image is better than the requested 10 metres or 20 metres and the images are resampled at 10 and 20 metres, the original source images are provided for quality control purposes. The radiometric information from the resulting image matches the information from the original higher-resolution image as closely as possible. Each band has a radiometry of 8 bits (values between 0 and 255). The multispectral image provides four bands. The minimum cloud-free (2% maximum) coverage required for an image (selected zone) is 40 km x 40 km, panchromatic and multispectral taken simultaneously.

Spatial data is expressed according to Canada Lambert Conformal Conic projection or Universal Transverse Mercator projection, both in reference to the North American Datum 1983 - Canadian Spatial Reference System (NAD83CSRS).

Download the GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010 Fact Sheet [pdf 292 KB]


For more details on GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010 standards and specifications, see GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010, Product Specifications [pdf 163 KB].


For a complete description of collection metadata, see the GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010, Collection Metadata.

Use and Restrictions

Use of the GeoBase data is subject to the Open Government Licence – Canada.

Data Discrepancies

This product is subject to Discrepancies processing provided by the Centre for Topographic Information from Natural Resources Canada. A discrepancy is defined as any deviation from the product's Standards and Specifications. Search for discrepancies related to GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010.

Data Format

GeoBase Orthoimage 2005-2010 datasets are available in GeoTiff format.

Free Data Viewer

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